Davido reacts to Twitter ban in Nigeria

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-Federal Government announced yesterday that until further notice twitter is banned in Nigeria

-This many believe was in reaction to twitter deleting a post Prez Buhari made

-Singer Davido is not happy and has expressed his disappointment over the issue on twitter.

Yesterday, Nigerian Government through its Communication minister announced that Twitter was indefinitely banned in the country.

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This however was met with banters on the platform with many Nigerian youth home and abroad expressing how low their country has sunk.

The government gave no exact reason why they are placing a ban on the social media platform but many have linked it to twitter deleting a post Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari made which they felt goes against the standards of the platform.

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Award winning singer Davido this morning took to twitter to react to the issue.

His first tweet was just “Nigeria” before making another post which reads “Was once a country”.

Though he did not mention anything linked to the twitter ban in Nigeria, Comments under the two tweets suggest people knew what he was driving at.

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Davido has been a critic of the current administration in Nigeria and has consistently taken to twitter to express his disappointment in leadership.

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