Declan Hannon is committed to Louise Cantillon, his longtime love. Through virtual entertainment, the couple shared a picture of their wedding band. They are a charming and talented pair who have always been together through good times and bad.

They serve as both their greatest source of inspiration and strength. The two of them have developed a sizable fan base and are making great strides in their respective industries.

She is an outstanding media professional, and he throws for the Irish Limerick Senior Championship club team.

The former girlfriend of Declan Hannon became engaged Elizabeth Cantillon Job Louise Cantillon, Declan’s better half, is a well-known radio personality in Limerick and the Munster region. At a disco at a secondary school in Limerick, the pair first met as teenagers.

In Garryowen Rugby Club’s young disco, the duo even shared a kiss. Since they turned 18, they have been seeing someone. After they took off, things got emotional, but she was in Cork and he was in Limerick.

Later, she substituted as a moderator for Spin in 1038 in Dublin and Southwest in Munster. Even together, the couple attended the All-Star Awards in Dublin.

During the season of throwing championships, Declan and Louise enjoy the Irish sunshine. Declan, a native of the Limerick area, makes a romantic entrance with Louise in front of the renowned Adare Manor.

The Declan Hannon era Declan Hannon, who was born on November 25, 1992, will turn 29 in 2022, yet she seems to identify as 26. He was created in Limerick County’s Adare.

He first appeared on the interprovincial scene at the age of seventeen when he joined the Limerick minor group before moving on to the under-21 side. He presented himself as a senior in the National Hurling League in 2011.

Since his initial debut, he has been a reliable coworker and has earned one National Hurling League (Division 2) honour.

He attended the all-young men’s Scoil Naomh Iosaf school in the Adare town throughout his formative years. Two Tipperary men, Brother Cathal Duane and Principal Barry O’Riordan, backed Heaving as the cornerstone of the school’s educational system (Nenagh).

His grandfather Pat Stakelum led Tipperary to the All-Ireland victory in 1949.

Instagram pictures of Declan Hannon and his girlfriend The TV host’s Instagram handle is louise cantillon, and she has posted several memories of them. On this record, she has about 12.2 thousand supporters.

Declan’s Instagram account, @declanhannon, has about 15.8k followers. He represents the brand @lucey motors. Despite being busy with their professional careers, the pair manages to get to know one another while traveling and having fun.

On December 28, 2021, the couple announced their engagement via an Instagram handle. Declan didn’t waste the chance to transfer Louise’s wedding band for him while they were at Com Dhineoil Beah.

With @narrative4ireland, she even stepped in as an ambassador for the inaugural National Empathy School Award.

Declan Hannon, the Hurler, how tall is he? Hurler Declan, 29, stands 6 feet 2 inches tall (188.0 cm). Hannon was selected as the starting back for Limerick’s National League match against Waterford on March 31, 2019, at Croke Park.

On June 30, 2019, Hannon won his first Munster Championship trophy in a long time after leading Limerick to a victory over Tipperary by a score of 2-26 to 2-14.

He created GAA history by being the first coach since Mick Mackey to twice lead Limerick to the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship victory.

He has a stout build and appears to be in good shape.

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