The Delphi Murders are a cold case. In the past three years, over 18K tips have been received about the crimes. The suspected killer is still in jail, but it remains unclear what happened to the bodies.

Delphi Murders Cause of Death

Full Name Delphi Murders
Nationality Indiana
Occupation  ‎Indiana State Police · ‎Bruce Mendenhall
Cause of Death Murdered on a hiking trail.
Delphi Murders Cause of Death

The police are trying to piece together clues, but there is no physical evidence to go on. If anyone has any information on the murders, please contact the Delphi Police Department.

This information will help the family members of the victims, and the public can get involved in the investigation.

The victims of the Delphi Murders were 13 and 14 years old. The alleged killer may have been a teenager. In addition to their murders, they were sexually assaulted, and they died of stabbings.

The suspect in the killings was personally attacked and stabbed by the convicted killer, according to David Lynch. However, the state police have not revealed a cause of death for the victims.

The Delphi Murders cause of death rumors is largely speculative and unreliable. The victims were stabbed by David Lynch. His video detailed the crime scene and the differences in the girls’ injuries.

Despite this, the Delphi Murders rumor mill continues to grow and has many illogical theories. The victims of the murders are no longer a mystery.

The truth behind the mysterious deaths of these young girls may be revealed soon.

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