Delrhonda Hood net worth & biography

Delrhonda Hood is known as Big Fifty, a nickname that was given to her by her husband Ricky, who became a drug lord and eventually became the wealthiest woman in Detroit.

The life of Big Fifty has been featured in an episode of America Gangster Trap Queens due to her previous activities as she was involved in illegal activities like trafficking, fraud, and gun possession.

She was the oldest among her four siblings and grew up in Detroit East Side, Michigan, and got pregnant at the age of 15 years leading to the birth of her first child, Rodney.

Delrhonda Hood Life Story

Delrhonda Hood

The former notorious drug lord knew her physical appearance was an asset from the onset of her life hence she started hanging out with dancers at the local strip club but she found interest in a quick way of making money and became closer to the fast life of the gang filled neighborhood and drug as she happened to live in such vicinity.

Delrhonda Hood gradually becomes the boss of her drug empire and became super-rich in the neighborhood. She was later arrested and served some years behind bars, during her time in Prison she got diagnosed with a chronic illness dubbed, sarcoidosis which has been her health problem to date.

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Delrhonda Hood prison and present life

Delrhonda Hood

The 55-year-old former boss of a drug empire was arrested and slapped with charges of gun possession, drug trafficking, and fraud than was sentenced to prison in 2013

Was served for two years and after being released she swiftly entered the entertainment industry and also become a motivational speaker

She now hosts a radio show dubbed “keeping it 100, With Big Fifty” to help young women. She’s now a mother of three children with Rodney and Eric as her two sons and a daughter, Erideja. Delrhonda Hood is also a grandmother to Kingston and Kamari, 13 and 11 years old respectfully.

What’s Delrhonda Hood’s net worth?

The former drug lord net worth is estimated to be between $30 million to $40 million


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