Destiny 2 brings us back to the Guardian Games. This year’s Guardian Games, like Guardian Games 2021, includes the Daily Focus Playlist. Many players, however, are unsure of what this is and, more crucially, where they may discover and use it. Even players who are familiar with the DFP are perplexed this year because the way it operates has been changed from previous year.

Destiny guardian games daily focus

We’ll go over all you need to know about Destiny 2’s Daily Focus Playlist, including what it is and where you can locate it to earn more laurels. It all starts with the “Best in Class” quest, as we’ll see.

What is Daily Focus Playlist Destiny 2?

During the Guardian Games, there is a daily activity called the Daily Focus Playlist. This task will earn you additional laurels if you complete it. Once you’ve completed 100 percent of that activity, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to earn more laurels in that manner.

Destiny 2 Daily Focus Playlist Icon Not Showing Up

It was formerly quite simple to see the Daily Focus. This has changed for the Guardian Games this year. If this is your first time playing, you’re probably wondering where the DFP icon is and why you can’t see it.

This is due to the fact that you must first finish the “Best in Class” quest. To do so, simply navigate to your destinations screen.

You can see which key you need to hit for your input device in the top left corner of the screen (E on PC, for example). The mission “Speak with Eva Levante” is now available, and it needs you to “Speak with Eva Levante.”

The Tower is where she may be located. Go straight forward when you spawn in the Courtyard and you’ll see her.

To begin the mission, speak with her, then follow the objectives to the end. After then, you’ll see the symbol for the Daily Focus Playlist.

Return to Destinations and press the key that corresponds to your input device. The Daily Focus task will appear as a result of this action. To see where the Daily Focus activity is offered, look for the Daily Focus icon on the planets or playlist activities.

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