Bette Midler, born on December 1, 1945, is an American actress, comedian, singer, and author. She has received many accolades for her career which spands over five (5) decades. Among the accolades include; four Golden Globe Awards, three Grammy Awards, three Primetime Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards and a Kennedy Centre Honor, in addition to nominations for two Academy Awards and British Academy Film Award.

This article focuses on revealing truth concerning whether the star breastfed her children or not. Kindly read a bit further to discover more.

Did Bette Midler breastfeed her children?

A response Bette Midler gave to the MSNBC host, Stephanie Ruhle, when Ruhle tweeted about the formula shortage means Midler breastfed her children.

Ruhle tweeted “The baby formula shortage reveals an amazing secret oligopoly; -3 American companies control over 90% of the mkt. – hugely restrictive regulations (thanks to big $ lobbying) prohibit foreign formulas. Name another industry/ sector/ products like this”.

Midler commented on the tweeted by saying “TRY BREASTFEEDING! It’s free and available on demand.”

Bette Midler children

Sophie Frederica Alohilani Von Haselberg, born on November 14, 1986, being an American actress best known for co-starring in the Woody Allen film Irrational Man, is the only child and daughter of Bette Midler.

Bette Midler husband

Bette Midler, the American actress, comedian, singer and author is married to Martin Von Haselberg. The two married in 1984. Their marriage is in its 38th year as 0f 2022.

Martin Von Haselberg is an actor born on January 20, 1949, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is an Argentine by nationality.

Von Haselberg and Bette Midler have only a children, Sophie Frederica Alohilani Von Haselberg.


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