The actress died six days before her 100th birthday. The immediate cause of death was a stroke, a condition caused by blood clots in the brain or broken blood vessels in the brain.

The death certificate stated that White suffered a stroke six days before her death. It is unclear if White had any medical conditions during this time. But she did receive a COVID-19 booster the day before she died.

The death certificate of the late actress states that she suffered a stroke six days before her birthday. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health declined to comment on the matter.

A source told TMZ that White had been alert after the stroke, but died peacefully in her Los Angeles home on New Year’s Eve. She is best known for her role in the television shows “Golden Girls” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” She married Allen Ludden in 1981 and had two children.

Some have wondered whether White had a stroke. The death certificate of the television star states that she passed away after suffering a stroke on Dec. 31. Her family attributed the sudden death to a heart attack.

The family, however, insists that the actress was not afflicted with a stroke. If so, what caused it? And, why did it happen? Fortunately, the doctor’s report was so clear that a jury of her peers will decide.

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