How did Elon Musk get so rich? He grew up in a wealthy family and had to work really hard to make money.

During college, he took out one hundred thousand dollars in student loans and borrowed another two thousand from his parents to study computer programming.

After graduating, he created Zip2, which was the early internet equivalent of a Yellow Pages, complete with a map for each location.

As a teenager, Elon Musk founded Zip2, which made city guides for online newspapers. The company went on to be acquired by Compaq for $300 million. In 2001, Musk put the money to good use by co-founding, an online bank.

Several years later, his company merged with PayPal, another online payment service, for $1.5 billion. Then, he built Tesla Motors and created the electric car.

After graduating from high school, Elon Musk spent several years studying at Queens College in Ontario, Canada. He earned degrees in economics and physics at the University of Pennsylvania.

He dropped out of Stanford University after two days. He was inspired by the internet and saw more potential in it than in physics. In 2000, Musk launched his first company, SpaceX. The Tesla company is now worth $74 billion.

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