THE young couple that is Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny met at a party in 2015.

Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny are both actors, with Powers being well known for his part in Straight Outta Compton.

Did Keith Powers And Ryan Destiny Break Up?
Did Keith Powers And Ryan Destiny Break Up? Image Source: the jasmine brand

Did Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny break up?

The famous couple’s breakup was revealed by PEOPLE magazine on January 18, 2022.

The pair have chosen to split up, according to an exclusive source who spoke to People.

A source told PEOPLE that “They’re taking time to concentrate on themselves and their burgeoning professions,” source said, “but they’re still good friends.”

The former couple’s professions are booming, and they’re both quite busy.

Powers has main parts in two forthcoming Netflix films: The Uglies and Perfect Find, in which she co-stars with Gabrielle Union.
Destiny is still working hard since she has a starring part in Barry Jenkins’ next film Flint Strong.
In 2019, the actress concluded her blockbuster program Star, and she also appeared in the sitcom Grown-ish with Yara Shahidi.

How long had the former couple been together?

According to People, the former couple had been together for four years.

Powers earlier remarked of Destiny, “I believe we symbolize healthy young black love.”

How are fans reacting to the split?

Fans of the pair flocked to social media to express their disappointment at the couple’s breakup.

“No,” one user responded, “since when did Keith Powers and Ryan Destiny split up?”

Some of the celebrities’ fans were emotionally immersed in their romance.

Another user posted, “This Ryan destiny and Keith Powers split is personal to me.”

Some admirers even claimed to have predicted the separation before it occurred.

Another user on the social networking site remarked, “I knew the Ryan Destiny and Keith Powers separation was coming.”

Destiny talked positively about her ex-boyfriend when asked about their relationship.

“We tried to conceal it for a minute for a variety of reasons, but as human beings, there are moments when you simply want to scream to the world, ‘I love this person and I’m happy!'” Destiny noted.

We are attempting to strike a balance. I’m already a quiet person who is extremely job-oriented, so it’s crucial for me to remind people that I am my own person. “

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