Markiplier is an American YouTube. He is also the co-founder of the clothing company Cloak and a co-host of the Distractible podcast alongside LordMinion777 and Muyskerm. He also co-hosted the now-defunct Unus Annus channel.

As of 2022, Mark’s YouTube channel has over 18.9 billion views ad 33.6 million subscribers. His content is mostly focused on Let’s Play videos, commonly survival horror video games.

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on June 28, 1989, Markiplier ‘s real name is Mark Edward Fischbach. Although he is currently based in Los Angeles, California, he began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In a recent video, the YouTuber disclosed his intentions of starting an OnlyFans account. Read to find his handle and why he is starting an account on the platform.

Did Markiplier Join OnlyFans?

Markplier has disclosed his intentions to join OnlyFans. The YouTuber said this in his recent video which he posted on his YouTube. He has not created the account.

Mark has set conditions to be met before he creates his account on OnlyFans. In the video, he said, “If you’ve been watching my channel for a while, this may not be much of a surprise,”

“You might just roll your eyes and say to yourself, ‘Oh, there goes Mark again, getting naked when nobody asked.’ But if you’re relatively new to my channel, this might be slightly confusing or concerning. But rest assured, I know what I’m doing.”

Why Is Markiplier Joining OnlyFans?

It seems the main reason behind Markiplier joining OnlyFns is to boost his Apple and Spotify podcasts. In a video he released on his YouTube on Oct. 16. Markiplier promised his fans his tasteful nudes if and only if they help him get the no. 1 spot on Spotify and Apple’s charts.

In the video, Markiplier said he will release his nudes on his OnlyFans account. After the video was posted on his YouTube, he accumulated over 4 million views within 24 hours.

Currently, his Distractible page has up 143 positions to no. 3 on Apple and from no. 10 to no. 8 on Spotify.

His other account, Go! My Favorite Sports Team, is no. 24 on Apple while moving to the eleventh position on Spotify.

Markiplier’s TAsteful Nudes Has Been Seen Before

Although it may seem new to most of his fans, Markiplier has already shown his nudity before and this won’t be his first time doing it.

In June 2018, Markiplier sold his Tasteful Nudes Calender for 30 million. The calendar was dated from June 2018 to June 2019.


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