Thirteen days after Debanhi Susana Escobar Bazalda went missing in Nuevo León, state authorities verified the finding of a body in a cistern attached to the Nueva Motel Castilla, close to the last spot the 18-year-old was seen alive and one of the first areas where the search began.

Debanhi’s father, Mario Escobar, was informed as soon as this was discovered and moved to the location to be close to the scene if it was verified that it was his daughter.

Desperation swamped him, and it exploded against the agents already on the premises from one minute to the next. While outside the motel restaurant, he approached the cops at a cautious pace, opening his mouth as wide as he could and expressing his rage.

At least 200 people arrived at the location after hearing about the discovery, including authorities, volunteers, and relatives, to assist as much as possible and await word about the body within the cistern, which had been abandoned, according to a statement from the State Prosecutor’s Office.

“The Attorney General’s Office of Nuevo León reports that in the surveys of land near the place of disappearance of citizen Debanhi Susana Escobar Bazaldúa, in Escobedo Nuevo León, the investigating agents assigned to the case have located a lifeless body in inside an abandoned water cistern,” he reported.

In the same way, the local authority announced that, due to the conditions in which the site of the discovery is located, “At this time it is not possible to establish general characteristics of the lifeless person, which will be informed at the conclusion of the work carried out by the criminalists assigned to the extraction”.

The Nuevo León prosecutor, Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero, did not confirm that it is Debanhi Escobar during an interview with Milenio, so he indicated that it will take one to three days to have an accurate response owing to scientific processes to analyze the body’s identity.

However, he stated that before carrying out this procedure, the parents of the missing girl could examine the body and determine whether it was their daughter or not, though he added that such information, if released, would be unofficial, and he requested that the public remain calm about the case’s details.

Adolfo Guerrero reported that hotel personnel detected a terrible odor from coladeras on the route they discovered this body. He went to the anti-kidnapping prosecutor, who informed him that “things around” the motel were being investigated.

He then stated that the cistern is located inside the hotel, in a pool area that had been abandoned for quite some time. He also explained that the location did not have recording cameras, only monitoring cameras, therefore no records of Debanhi Escobar’s disappearance were kept on the day of his abduction.

After several hours of work, specialists continue to operate in a location that provides certain challenges, such as the depth (which is 4 meters) and the accumulation of water, both of which have made extraction from the body difficult.

When asked how the body ended up in a location that had already been searched, the prosecutor said he couldn’t rule out the possibility that it was discovered after the authorities’ initial search.

Finally, he stated that as soon as the body is removed, it will be taken to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) for a legal autopsy to ascertain the cause of death and to ensure that it is the missing girl through analysis. He also stated that until a result is reached, investigations will commence to designate duties.

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