Different styles in bed is a sin, christians must not do it – popular prophetess preaches and reveals the position approved by God

Sexual wellness is a state of mind that allows a man to completely engage in and enjoy sexual activity. A man’s sexual health is influenced by a variety of physical, psychological, interpersonal, and societal aspects. Sexual desire and the ability to develop and maintain an erection are both important aspects of male sexual health.

Sex is a pleasure many enjoy and the various positions during the course makes it more attractive. It is not stated anywhere in the Bible that a certain sex position is sin. However, this female pastor’s video which has gone viral contains strong statements about sexual intercourse of Christian partners.

According to her sermon, the biblical accepted sex position in marriage is the missionary one where the man who is on top penetrates the woman lying down and any other sex position is demonic and an abominable sin before God.

She stated all other scenarios of sexual copulation is strictly prohibited and from the pits of hell.

She asserted “There is nothing like styles in sex for children of God. We don’t need to do it like the world are doing it. Have you become dogs? That you are not satisfied with your husband being on you and you are not satisfied with you being on top of your wife. That you want your wife to do acrobatics with you. Are you Bingo?”

You can watch the video below

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