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Disney animals (Female and Male)

Disney animals are often the stars of the show, whether they are sidekicks or stars. They are timeless characters that have layers, even if they can’t talk or must take the backseat of a bipedal costar.

These animals have the rare distinction of being both adorable and intimidating at the same time. Let’s take a look at some of the most aggressive Disney animals.



Maximus is initially a thorn in Flynn Rider’s side. This places him in the villain camp for anyone who can be charmed. Maximus soon realizes that Tangled’s heroes do their best in all circumstances and he becomes a big softie.


Flynn may still have a difficult relationship with Maximus but this horse is very huggable.



Although this mischievous monkey is able to get away with major mistakes (like destroying Cave of Wonders), his adorable eyes make it impossible for anyone to be mad at him.


Abu is a master of hardball and you should respect him and his friends.



Although he may not have been the main character, did any other actor in The Emperor’s New Groove better embody this cute/intimidating dichotomy? No. He appears to be a simple forest creature at first. Perhaps he could help a princess with a dress. His true colors emerge when he awakens jaguars and pursues Kuzco. You wouldn’t want Bucky to be in the woods, it’s obvious.




Baby Pegasus is the best gift you could give a child. The little guy was adorable, and the flying horse is amazing.

Although Hercules’ companion is still adorable after growing up, he can definitely hold his own in a fight. He bravely takes on each trial at Herc’s side. He would make a great enemy.




Okay, so Flit doesn’t run in fear from a hummingbird but he is fiercely protective and protective of Pocahontas. When it comes to John Smith and his loyal friend, Flit tries to intimidate them. He’s still so adorable, even though he’s trying his best to be annoying.



He is cute but also happens to be a lion. If he hadn’t been unconscious and dehydrated when Timon and Pumbaa found him, their reactions would have been closer to Nala’s.




Bruce is a scary-looking shark, even when he smiles. You start to feel a special affection for him once he confesses his new eating habits. Bruce is trying his best in a sea of animals that just go with the flow.

Then he smells blood and it’s back at square one.



Brother Bear, a little-known gem, plays with our perceptions about big, dangerous beasts in nature. The movie opens with bears being the most frightening force for the heroes. After the story begins (spoiler alert: the main character transforms into a bear), you see that bears fear humans more than humans fear bears. It makes one wonder who is truly the most frightening force in nature.

Oh, and the bears look so cute.



Zootopia is a movie that forces you to consider stereotypes. Although there are many animals that could be included on the list, Judy Hopps is the most interesting. It’s easy to see that she is a cute bunny. But her dreams are for police work. She becomes a formidable force as the movie progresses. However, that doesn’t always translate into good things for systemic bureaucracies. What’s more frightening than a meter maid.

The Disney Animals of All Time

I remember actually seeing the movie at the theatre and my dad telling us that we should behave.

Disney has been producing hits for years. I am especially fond of the recent Pixar films Tangled and Frozen. But, The Lion King is still a special place in my heart.

It introduced a new generation of Elton John’s music and the greatest vocalist known to man, James Earl Jones as Mufasa.

Disney Animals

We also got to meet amazing animal characters. Below is a list of some of our favourite Disney characters.

I have limited the number of animals in each film to ensure fairness. And sorry to Hercules, The Little Mermaid, and Toy Story, but we’re not counting half-men/half-animals or toy animals. Let’s start with the Lion King’s sidekicks.

Timon & Pumbaa from The Lion King

Do you remember having two best friends in your entire life? For at least two years, “Hakuna Matata”, the motto of everyone aged three to 90 was The Lion King. The movie was also a lot of fun, with Timon and Pumbaa providing most of the laughter, which is a good thing, as it can get quite dark at times.

Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland

The Cheshire Cat, a purple-colored Disney character, is perhaps the most popular. He can even disappear. He’s also always mysterious. He smiles so much! Nobody knows. This is his beauty.

Thumper from Bambi

Thumper taught children an important rule: “If you don’t have something to say, say nothing.” He was also Bambi’s first friend, teaching him how to speak, skate and be brave.

Honorable Mention : Bagheera. This grumpy panther is the second half of an odd couple with Baloo. He teaches Mowgli some serious rules of life and jungle that balance Baloo’s sillyness.

Pegasus from Hercules

Although it may seem like cheating Pegasus is a two animal hybrid so he counts. He should count, considering that he is Hercules’ best friend and was sent to him by Zeus as a support and protection. He was even more amazing because he was created by clouds. Clouds! Clouds!

Honorable Mention: Literally everyone. It is hard to not love Winnie, Tigger and Piglet.

Bernard and Miss Bianca from The Rescuers

This is the second most adorable pair of mice Disney has ever made. Although Bernard, the fearful janitor for the Rescue Aid Society, is joined by Miss Bianca, the Hungarian representative for the society, they bring out the best of each other. They have shown us that opposites can sometimes attract the best results and that opposites can sometimes be the most effective.

Honorable Mention Perdita & Rolly. Perdita was Perdita’s coolest wife. Rolly’s adorable appetite made him the cutest member of the gang.

Toulouse Marie and Berlioz from The Aristocrats

The three adorable kittens were the perfect example for loving siblings. Although they fought and made fun of one another, they were also very competitive, but they still loved each other and remained a family.

Sebastian, Flounder from The Little Mermaid

Flounder is the only fish that I have ever wanted to cuddle (apart from Finding Nemo). Sebastian is the coolest crab. He also wrote the song “Under the Sea.”

Honorable Mention: Abu. The monkey who made us all want to pet monkeys. This is a crazy thought.

Dory from Finding Nemo

Now we get to the obvious choice. Dory is not only hilarious and charming, but she’s also a loyal friend. Dory gave us the most famous phrase of this generation: “Just keep swimming.”

Pascal from Tangled

Rapunzel may be a strange person but she is awarded cool points for having a Chameleon as her best friend. Pascal receives cool points for being a cool Chameleon. Really buddy, don’t ever change.

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