DJ Paul is the stage name of Paul Duane Beauregard, an American DJ, rap artist, and producer. On January 12, 1977, he was born in South Memphis, Tennessee. Together with his brother Juicy J, he founded the hip-bounce rap group Three 6 Mafia in 1991.

Three Six Mafia is responsible for several of the group’s successful songs, including “Tear da Club Up ’97,” “Sippin on Some Syrup,” “Lolli,” and “Shake It” by Lil Jon, among others.

DJ Paul and Majda Baltic’s Relationship History DJ Paul is currently unmarried. Nevertheless, Majda Baltic, the CEO, President, and Founder of Majdas Touch Insurance Agency, locked him in just once throughout his entire life.

He has no spouse as of the day this article was written because he and Majda were not legally wed. Paul appeared on the popular unscripted television program Celebrity Wife Swap alongside Plaxico Burress and his spouse.

The rapper and Majda Baltic, his then-fiancée, appeared on an episode of the popular program. Two or three have participated in countless shows together, filling the humor and tomfoolery with their antics. Nevertheless, they left too soon in 2014 in various directions. The previous couple’s numskull marriage collapsed, and they parted ways with untold tales.

The reasons for splitting their approaches are unclear to the general public. DJ Paul’s Family and Children The rapper has a child from a previous relationship with a woman. He and his ex-fiancée have a child together, Nautica. According to multiple stories, Paul, his child, and his former collaborator all formerly resided in the same residence.

Nautica and Paul both lived after the division. Since they are the only children of a rapper, they share a delicate bond. The father-child combo has an engaging connection. Paul has only had one child of this composition thus far. Paul is a well-known member of the hip-bounce elite.

The vast bulk of the Beauregard kin are involved in hip-hop and other endeavors. Buddy Three Six Mafia episode Paul’s ancestor, Lord Infamous, passed away from respiratory insufficiency. Ricky T. Dunigan was his real name. He was DJ’s older nephew and one of the group’s most ardent followers. Dj Paul’s Salary Dj Paul’s assets are estimated to be worth $20 million in total.

The total assets evaluated may vary depending on the source. His career as a rapper and producer had earned him a respectable sum of money. When he discovered the Three Six Mafia posse, his popularity truly began. Duane is well-known for his given collections and songs. The rapper’s song “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” won an Oscar.

He worked as a rapper and a DJ throughout his career in order to make enough money to support himself. Dj Paul creates his own collections and is a manufacturer as well.

Additionally, he makes enough money from his other businesses to cover his expenses. All of these elements combined to make him a wealthy artist of the time. The rapper and creator can live luxuriously for the rest of his life.

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