The coroner’s office has revealed that DMX died of cocaine poisoning and a heart attack. Although there was no official autopsy performed, the medical examiner’s office has listed cocaine as the cause of death, and other health professionals have said that it was a contributing factor in the rapper’s death.

DMX Cause of Death

Full NameEarl Simmons
Cause of deathCocaine poisoning and a heart attack
DMX Cause of Death

Several sources close to the rapper have also claimed that DMX was brain dead after a drug overdose.

The cause of death has been attributed to a cocaine overdose, according to DMX’s longtime attorney, Murray Richman. According to the Westchester County Medical Examiner’s office, DMX’s death was not a result of an overdose, but of a cocaine-induced heart attack.

A COVID-19 vaccine has been cited as one of the possible causes. However, DMX’s attorney, Murray Richman, has denied this connection, as well as the fact that he did not get DMX’s COVID-19 vaccine.

The official cause of DMX’s death has been ruled as a cocaine overdose. Conflicting reports have suggested that the rapper died of a heart attack after consuming drugs. But the truth is far more ambiguous.

The rapper’s body was found to contain acute cocaine intoxication, which may explain why his death was attributed to a drug overdose. Aside from cocaine, the official cause of death was still unknown, and further tests are needed to confirm the cause.

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