Do Park Dong-ha and Eun-ju Die? A Model Family

On Netflix, there is a crime drama called A Model Family. It mostly centers on the Park family and the challenges they face as a result of garnering both the police’s and criminals’ attention. Park Dong-ha (Woo Jung) has been married to Eun-ju (Yoon Jin-seo) for some time. They have two children and are not really happy with their lives. As the series progresses, Dong-desperate Ha’s actions put the family in grave peril, making Eun-ju further angrier with him. We learn about Park Dong-ha and Eun-survival just at the conclusion of “A Model Familyfirst” season. Below are spoilers.

Is he dead? by Park Dong-ha.

Dong-ha did not pass away in the first season of “A Model Family.” At the beginning of the series, he is an assistant professor at a university. He has wasted the funds his family painstakingly saved for his son’s heart transplant surgery by attempting to land the position as a full-time professor. Eun-ju says she wants a divorce even if she is still unaware of this. On his way home one day, Dong-ha finds a van with two dead bodies and a large amount of cash inside. After that, he buries the victims, hides the money, and drives off. However, Dong-complete’s inexperience as a crook causes him to commit a number of mistakes that lead to the arrival of the police and other criminals at his door.

It was established that the money represented the settlement that the Yongsoo Ring was meant to have sent to the Sangseon Ring. While the latter imports methamphetamine into South Korea, the former distributes it there. Knowing they are in danger, Yong-soo, the leader of the Yongsoo Ring, assigns Ma Kwang-chul the responsibility of locating the money. The humble teacher has stolen the money, Kwang-chul instantly realizes. Kwang-chul first wants to kill Dong-ha but afterwards changes his mind. He is aware that the best drug mule he will ever find is Dong-ha, a family man with a sick child.

Eun-ju Is she dead?

No, Eun-ju doesn’t die either in the first season of “A Model Family.” At the start of the series, she harbors a great deal of anger toward her husband, and by the end of the season, that emotion hasn’t completely gone away. We learn that she was dating Han-cheol, the deceased driver of the car who was also an undercover police officer.

She becomes even more enraged with Dong-ha when she learns what he did with the money meant for their son. Eun-ju convinces Kwang-chul to let her join her husband when he delivers the money after discovering what Dong-ha has been doing for him.

She finds out that she and her husband were being utilized as bait by the end of the episode. Eun-ju is confident about her family’s security towards the end of the season. She will soon learn that the problems facing her family have not yet been fully handled.