Archie Battersbee must be treated by doctors in Japan, and his mother vowed, “We’ll fight until the bitter end.”

Additionally, the 12-year-old’s family has urgently petitioned the European Court of Human Rights to strengthen his living conditions.

According to reports, Archie Battersbee’s mother has expressed concern about her son, who medical professionals believe to be “brain-stem useless” to doctors in Turkey, Italy, and Japan. The 12-year-old boy’s family had already filed an emergency case with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg (also known as the Strasbourg Court) on Wednesday, August 3, requesting that the boy’s lifestyle be upheld.

The parents, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, presented the matter to the ECHR after the United Kingdom Perfect Court declined to rule on their request on Tuesday, August 2, to stop the withdrawal of their fortification and denied their application to appeal the Court of Enchantment’s decision. The Barts NHS Health Trust, which oversees the Royal London Medical Institution in London, where Archie is a patient, took the boy off the ventilator on Wednesday at 11 a.m.

According to Archie Battersbee, Dad suffered a stroke before the judges decided to highlight his son’s lavish lifestyle.

According to a Barts NHS agreement spokesman, we won’t change Archie’s treatment until the outstanding legal issues are resolved. This is in line with The Daily Mail. Before the deadline of nine a.m., Archie’s immediate family had the application ready to post to the ECHR. In response to the good news, Hollie announced, “We’re in fact satisfied… we’re having to fight every health center option.” Let’s now cross our fingers and hope that the ECHR will see the appliance positively. We will not give up on Archie until the very end.

The mother insisted, saying that Archie must continue receiving treatment from the Turkish, Italian, and Eastern physicians. I’ve been looking into options to move him outside of the UK before, I say, “The day before today was actually a low day for me.” People who know me well recall that I don’t like to lose, especially when it comes to preserving my son’s life. I and his father both promised Arch that we would fight until the very end, and we will do just that. We will fight to protect my son’s right to life.

In actuality, Hollie said, “It’s just me and Archie, and obviously Archie’s family, as opposed to the whole machine.” She insisted, saying, “There are other countries that need to treat him, and I feel that he should be permitted to move,” adding that they have “extremely good success rates.”

Archie has been in a coma at the hospital since his mother discovered him dead and covered in ligature marks at home in April. Since then, his family has requested to keep him on the ventilator on multiple occasions. But on August 1, the Supreme Court equally turned out in favor of their motion. They also stated that they don’t think there will ever be a big restoration while having “great sympathy with the predicament of Archie’s loving people who confront a scenario that is every parent’s worst nightmare—the lack of a much-loved baby” (by way of Archie). Even if life-supporting efforts were to continue, Archie would pass away in the coming weeks from organ failure followed by heart failure. According to (Mr. Justice Hayden of the Supreme Court) who presided in his most sympathetic decision, the maintenance of the medical apparatus “serves solely to protract his dying.”

Hollie, on the other hand, blasted the choice and labeled it “unsuitable.” She insisted that Archie is my child, so it’s no longer appropriate. Where he takes his final breath and whether he lives or dies shouldn’t matter as much as they do to other people. It’s inappropriate.

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