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Does Boity Thulo have a degree?

It’s normal that everyone tries tp know the Educational standard of their superstars and South African Media Personality Boity Thulo is no exception.

Boity is a Rapper, A Television Personality, a Model, an Actress, in fact she is a multiple talented woman that fits inn at every angle of Profession she found herself.

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Many have the mentality that one cannot excel in all this aspects combined without a high level of education thereby questioning themselves about Boity’s educational status.

Does Boity Thulo have a degree?

The main question has always been if she attended the University and successfully come out with a degree and that is what our focus is on in this write up.

Does Boity Thulo have a degree?

No Boity Thulo does not have a degree from any recognized university.

Boity tried her very best to get a Degree when she gained admission into the Monash University to study psychology and criminology.

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However that became only a dream that wasn’t fulfilled after she was left with no other option than to drop out due to financial struggles.

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