Does Elon Musk have a degree? Well, he has two degrees and has said in the past that college and university degrees are overrated. He said that you don’t need to get a degree in order to be successful. After all, he dropped out of Stanford University’s PhD program after only two days. Instead, he launched Zip2, a company that will change the way people live forever.

So, does Elon Musk have a degree? We are going to answer that question now! In his early years, Elon Musk was interested in solving problems and making the world a better place. He even started reading tough science fiction novels, including “Foundation.” He wanted to help civilization and develop sustainable products and services. This is one of the reasons he started getting his two degrees. Once he had his first degree, he moved to the United States and studied physics at Queen’s University.

After graduating from Harvard University, Elon Musk moved to South Africa with his parents. At that time, his parents divorced. In 1993, Elon Musk moved to Canada with his father.

This was so that he could avoid being forced into military service in his native land. He became a Canadian citizen in 1989, a decision he made based on his desire to become an American citizen. He went on to study business and physics at the University of Pennsylvania. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and the second one in physics.

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