Does Putin speak English? Many Americans wonder that. The Russian president has been criticised for his language skills, but one recent interview with Oliver Stone revealed that the Russian president speaks a little bit of English. And that makes sense. He spoke English to French President Emmanuel Macron during a state visit to the United States, and he did not sound too bad, either. But is Putin a native English speaker? Let’s find out.

The Russian president, who was stationed in East Germany for five years, is considered a native speaker. That might make it easier for him to learn English. In fact, his German skills grew considerably during this time. And his friendship with German President Gerhard Schroder helped him improve his language skills. Even his ex-wife speaks German. That’s an excellent sign. So, does Putin speak English? Let’s find out!

Vladimir Putin speaks Russian in public, but he also speaks English to an intermediate level. In fact, he has even gone so far as to sing “Blueberry Hill” in English during a children’s charity fundraiser in St Petersburg. Watch this video to see how well Putin speaks English, and note that he corrects his translator if necessary. He also spoke English at the Bureau of International Expositions in 2013.

Vladimir Putin is known to speak several languages, including Russian, French, and German. Some sources claim that he is fluent in English, while others say that he speaks Russian fluently. Despite the grammatical mistakes, Putin is known to speak English to friends and foreign leaders. But despite his knowledge of the English language, he tends to avoid public speeches in English. That’s understandable, especially when he’s in a small group of people.

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