Stephanie Boswell is an internationally acclaimed pastry chef. Stephanie is recognized mostly for her appearance on the Food Network.

She has previously been a judge on series like Chopped Sweets, The Julia Child Challenge, and holiday-themed series like Christmas Cookie Challenge.

Stephanie has almost every part of her body covered in tattoos. The meaning has however not been disclosed to many people. In this article, we will discuss the meaning of Stephanie’s tattoos.

How Many Tattoos Does Stephanie Boswell Have?

The actual number of tattoos Stephanie has on her body is not known. Stephanie has never disclosed the total number of tattoos she has on her.

Stephanie has several tattoos on different parts of her body. She has one on her collarbone, her left arm, and one on each hand, just to name a few.

In her interview, Stephanie disclosed that all her tattoos are for a reason and that they all hold some significance.

Does Stephanie Boswell’s Tattoo Signify Her Career?

In an interview with Jaymee Sire on Food Network Obsessed, Stephanie revealed the different meanings of her tattoos.

When asked, Stephanie said, “Most of my tattoos are kind of scrapbook-y in a way, they represent moments in my life that have been impactful for me or things that I wanted to remember and hold dear.”

The tattoo on her arm is one of the most intriguing and queried among t her tattoos. She explained to Jaymee that “It’s the chemical composition of sugar.” Also, the Michelin stars on her arms are said to represent the Michelin star-rated restaurants that she worked at in Chicago.

Stephanie also said to Jayme on the show, “My body has sort of become this amalgamation of all these different pieces of art and things that I like.”

She later explains that after she graduated from college, she wanted to take a “leap of faith” to cook for a living. She explained that the tattoo was not only a way to express her dreams in life but also a calculated move against any other positions she knew she didn’t want.

“I knew that if I put this tattoo on my forearm, I couldn’t get a job at a bank. At that point in time, you couldn’t have a square 9-to-5 job if you had visible tattoos,” she told Jaymee.


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