Tim Weeks, who spends a lot of time overseeing auctions, called joining the group a “dream come true.” At noon, BBC One’s Bargain Hunt, a midday TV program with some specialists, resumes.

Peter Weeks, his father, made the choice for him to pursue a profession as an auctioneer. He sat in the corner of the auction rooms on the weekends when he was six years old to watch his father use the gavel.

Tim’s wife and children are his greatest sources of creative inspiration. He is a wonderful husband and father.

The popular auctioneer’s wife is named Alexa Weeks

Alexa Weeks, Tim’s wife, and he have a happy marriage; they are similar to one another in that they don’t talk too much about themselves in public. They have two lovely children, and they are proud parents.

Both their first meeting and their wedding anniversary have not yet been brought up in conversation.

Tim aspires to live a quiet life and is really dedicated to his marriage and family.

The fact that his wife Alexa has consistently supported his thriving business in auctions and bids may be why the auctioneer hasn’t felt the need to discuss their relationship in public up until this point.

Due to the privacy settings on both of their Instagram profiles, little is known about his wife online.

Tim Weeks, the auctioneer for Bargain Hunt, is described in his biography on Wikipedia.

Tim Weeks grew up in an environment filled with antiques and the allure of an auction house. He is the mechanical restorer and expert at The Repair Shop.

He has contributed significantly to the Bargain Hunt team since his addition in 2018 to the team. Tim previously served as a co-presenter on BBC One’s Street Auction.

Despite having a keen eye for antiques, the TV star said that he had experienced some astronomical losses at auction.

Even though Tim has had amazing success, he admitted that if it weren’t for his success in the antiques business, his ideal career would be in sports.

Tim stays out of the public eye, thus not much is known about his personal life. Even on social media, he maintains privacy settings.

But the expert revealed what he likes to do when he’s not working or watching TV.

How wealthy is Tim Weeks’ family? How much is his father worth?

Peter Weeks, Tim Week’s father, was an antique dealer and may be worth a million dollars. Their generation seems to have been working in the same industry.

He claims that his father bought him his first gramophone as a cheap toy at a jumble sale in 1963 when he was five years old. Then, my grandfather showed him how to properly disassemble it, clean every component, and put it back together.

Tim has a successful career as a businessman, an auctioneer, a host on television and radio, and a broadcaster.

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