Don McLean ; Biography, Real Name and Net worth

Don McLean is a Renowned American singer and song writer born on the 2n day of October 1945 in New Rochelle, New York in the United States of America.

He was raised in the Catholic faith of his mother, Elizabeth McLean while his father, Donald McLean, was a Protestant.

Despite the release of many hit songs since the beginning of his professional career, Don is well known for two of his popular tunes American Pie and Vincent which both took music digital platforms by storm.

Real Name

At birth, he was given the name Donald McLean lll which originated as a result of the fact that both his grandfather and father bear the same names with his grandfather bearing Donald McLean l , and his father Donald McLean ll.


Don McLean has been married twice but what is so unfortunate is that both marriages ended in divorce for him. His first got married to Carol Sauvion, from Philadelphia in 1969 and they stayed together untill1976 when he tasted how divorce looks like. Sadly they had no child during their 7 years stay together..

He married his second wife called Patrisha Shnier McLean, from Montreal, Canada and this time was blessed with two children Jackie and Wyatt, and two grandchildren, Rosa and Mya.

Career songs

• Castles In The Air

• Crying

• Empty Chair

• Wonderful Baby

• Jerusalem

Albums • Starry, Starry Night• Tapestry• Homeless Brother• Believers

Net Worth

As he has developed. Don McLean has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

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