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Don’t drive through this area in Accra at night to avoid armed robbers

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The Gimpa road according to night drivers has become heaven for Armed Robbers and car snatching syndicate.

A narrative shared weeks ago reveals the modus operandi of these armed men who usually try to snatch cars from private car owners who drives on the stretch at night.

In this latest one, the driver said he was driving back home when he spotted some persons from a distance on the Gimpa road.

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Knowing what the road has become In recent week, he was alert and veered off from his lane to join the other lane for coming vehicles only for the robbers to attack him with a heavy stone meant to crash his head in the driving seat.

His swiftness, meant the Robbers missed target but the heavy stone they threw rather crushed his back glass on the passengers side of the car but he managed to sped off.

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Be careful where you drive at night in Accra for your own safety sake.

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