Don’t you dare try to sign the bill against the LGBTQ community or else; London based lady warns Akuffo Addo

The introduction of the current Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill has been set before parliament which will criminalise anything Homesexual when approved! This involves the wearing of apparel like a woman and vice versa!

The advancement of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021 will see culprits face a jail term of up to ten years depending on the crime, if passed in its into law.

Not many are however enthused about the introduction of the bill and what it stands for, most especially the LGBTQ community in Ghana. Some legislators are even against the bill and this has generated a whole lot of controversies in the country.

Ghanaians living outside of the country, who are in favor of the LGBTQ activities have held several protests to register their displeasure.

The fight against LGBTQ has to be intensify so that it will not gain much root or grounds in Ghana. As a result of this effort, Parliament in Ghana is currently making arrangements to sign a bill again LGBTQ so that their activities will not stand on the soil of Ghanaians.

We can Boldly say that 90% of Ghanaians are supporting the partliament to pass the LGBTQ Bill so that the Nation will not suffer the wrath of God in such incidence.

A spirited woman who is acknowledge to be courageous enough sent a strong word of caution to the first gentleman of the land Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo to abstain from signing the bill into law. This she believes infringes on the fundamental human principles of the members of the community.

The lady who is based in the United Kingdom posited that the majority of Ghanaians who voted for the president to ascend the highest office of the land, included those who indulge in gays in and lesbianism.

In her last words, she admonished the citizens to desist from any attempt to use violence and any form of intimidation against them.

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