Don’t You have any style to pose again apart from showing your back?- Netizens Queries Hajia Bintu

Hajia Bintu undoubtedly is among the most talked about individuals on social media.

The young curvy lady has been spinning heads since she gained fame with her figure on social media.

Popular singer Shatta Wale took her fame a step further by composing a full song about her titled “Hajia Bintu”

  Netizens suggests the marks on Hajia Bintu's thighs are Liposuction marks.

The video which featured the young lady at the time of release was one of the most talked about on social media.

The video cruelty has over 3.1 million views since it was released 6 months ago.

If you follow Hajia Bintu, there is always that image of her always posing with her backside.

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The beautiful lady obviously love to flaunt her assets and that is what has made a follower asked her if there are no other pose than she always posing with her behind.

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