Doumbouya appoints his comrade who fought with him and prayed together in a mosque as military IGP

Having a friend that you can count on is important because they can assist and support when you need someone to lean on, maybe for advice or just to listen while you express yourself.⁣Then also they inspire you to be a better version of yourself, encourage you to challenge yourself in chasing your dreams to become more than you ever could have imagine.

Brotherhood and friendship has been a powerful pillar and driving force in many people’s life most especially in the military and it’s such an honour to celebrate those who have been impactful persons in our lives. Colonel Doumbouya has deemed it fit to show his gratitude to the many senior military comrades, who assisted him to realize his ambitions. Colonel Abdoulaye Keita has been appointed by the coup leader as the head of the Inspector General Of the Guinean armed forces.

The loyal soldier who once prayed with his boss at the mosque took over the command from the General who has being instructed to retire from the armed forces with immediate effects. In a handover ceremony, the once head of the Inspector General of the Guinean Armed Forces, General Alpha Ousmane handed over the command to his successor.

He is believed to be a leader of character and demonstrates the traits which will ensure compliance and maintaining cooperation within his subordinates. His principles influences his command and he had been tasked with the responsibility of directing the activities of his office to accomplish the objectives.

Currently, over 40 Generals are to exit from active service in the military and handover the command of the various institutions and departments to new commanders. This move was seen by some critics as a bad decision while others have stressed that a small country like Guinea doesn’t need over 40 Generals.

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