Doumbouya orders the early retirement of 44 Generals with immediate effect: Dombouya means business

There is an African saying which says that “You can’t live with the snake in the same house,” because this reptile is capable of killing and Martin Luther King Jr. once said “the only way for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.”

Those who stood by the former regime of ousted President Alpha Conde and watched him to manipulate the Constitution to fraudulently win a third term, also watched the killing of Protesters and did nothing to stop it.

The Military loyalty is to the state and not to an individual but in Guinea 44 generals who are deemed to be strong supporters of the former President, protected him even when the sovereign will of the people is subverted. Fast forward, news emanating from Guinea has it that the interim, President Colonel Mamady Doumbouya has forcibly ordered these 44 generals to go on a mandatory retirement.

Critics are of the view that these Generals unflinching allegiances is to the deposed President hence the coup leader’s decision to compel them to an early retirement. Others are critical of his actions and have wondered as to whether this initiative will help to bring about the needed peace and stability in a divided country where a majority of the people are in favor of this current administration with some against it. 

From all indications, this seems to be a house cleaning and it is a risk he taking to ensure his reign will be free from any potential threat also as a military officer, he understands, the consequences of every action he undertakes.

Knowing and declaring someone an enemy is a clear military strategy and leaving them to hang around the government at this time, will give them the chance to devise schemes and influence the young soldiers to make his reforms difficult.

Those generals were part and parcel of the mess Mr. Condé caused and must go and be well monitored.

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