Doumbouya’s transitional team creates 25 ministerial appointments as against 36 of Alpha Conde

Leadership is a responsibility and not an achievement of honor or prestige. It is not meant to fill a lack or encourage the ego. It is a task to which we will be answerable to God and country in the future.

The worst thing for world leaders is to surround themselves with a group of ‘yes’ men or women who agree with everything.

To build a great country and leave a lasting legacy, you must have some sense of respectful disagreements among your team.

As a President, you will be passionate about your ideas. Even though it can be disheartening to hear a minister, team member, or common supporter with your idea or strategy, listen to what they have to say.

Leaders need to create safe work cultures that honor differences of opinion that will help you to know when you are making a mistake or not.

The key is developing the right environment for civil, productive debate to take place and allowing ministers to feel safe opening up.

No one will ever have all of the right answers, and it’s only through conversation, debate, and yes, even argument, those real ideas come out, and better decisions are made.

The most productive members within government establishments regularly disagree.

However, formal work cultures have conditioned us to think that everyone should agree with everything, and the ones with any opposing viewpoint are labeled as trouble makers or enemies.

But if everyone’s always agreeing, how do you know what people are actually thinking? This is exactly what happened that led to the overthrow of the erstwhile government of Alpha Conde.

After manipulating the Constitution, it was the responsibility of his team members to tell him how wrong he was but they conspired to allow his third term ambition become a reality.

Nepotism and duplication of job roles has shamefully characterized Ministerial appointments of most African governments in order to embezzle state finds and Doumbouya, a true leader will not repeat the mistakes of his predecessors.

The new transition headed by the prime minister under the instructions of the Interim President has established new ministries to serve in their various capacities in the country and what is most refreshing is that the ministry is just 25 as compared to 36 during Alpha Conde’s tenure.

11 ministries have been deleted or assigned to other ministries. This will go a long way to avoid unnecessary expenditures. The elite soldier is bent on avoiding mistakes hence has permitted these departments to be created for good governance.


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