Dr UN allegedly impregnate a lady, Refuse to take responsibility of it

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Remember the name Dr. UN? He is back in the news again and this time not for organizing another fake award but for allegedly impregnating a lady.

According to an Instagram blogger Nana Baffour, he received a video in his DM that has Family members of Dr. UN interrogating him after a lady accused him of being responsible for her pregnancy.

In the video, the popular man was asked about the accusation and shockingly he admitted chopping the lady in question but will not accept the pregnancy because he can’t remember the last time they both engaged in the act.

“I won’t accept this pregnancy because I do not remember the last time we had s*x” He can be heard saying

Explaining his reasons, Dr. UN stated boldly the lady was just a friend to him and he is very much aware she has a boyfriend but they agreed to have fun with each other hence there’s no way the pregnancy is fo him

“She is my friend and I know she has a boyfriend. I don’t remember the last time we had sex. It’s been a long time,” he said

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