Meet Easy-E Children

Eric Wright popularly known as Easy-E in showbiz was an American rapper known best for his gangsta rap. He was born in September 1964 and died on March 26, 1995, of HIV related symptoms. He was the leader of the famous N.W.A group

This write-up highlights the children Easy-E had and what they are up to now. Easy-E had 11 children with 8 women.

Eric Darnel Wright

He was born on April 23, 1984. Darnel took after his father and also pursued music. He’s also a rapper and the CEO of NWA Entertainment. A music and media production company. Rebirth of gangsta rap and Prince of Crotopton are some of his albums.

Very little is known about his family life and we will update the page as and when we get reliable information on those aspects.

Meet Easy-E Children
Lil Easy E

Erin Brai Wright

Erin was born on July 16 1991 and her mother is Tracy Jernagin. She’s an actor and a musician.

Erin made her introductory TV appearance in an episode of the MTV reality series ‘My Super Sweet 16.’ She starred on other MTV shows such as ‘Rants and Raves,’ ‘The Monday Dish,’ and ‘Exiled,’ the ‘My Super Sweet 16’ spinoff.

Erin released her debut music project, ‘We Want E.B.,’ at 19. She released her debut single, ‘What I Wanna Do,’ in December 2012. ‘Girl Crush’ and ‘Dear Daddy’ are some of her singles.

Daijah Wright

Daijah was born in September 1995. Sadly she didn’t meet her dad as he died months before she was born. She was born to Tomica Wright with which their marriage lasted only 12 days as the man died.

Daija is also a rapper and an actress. She was featured in the third season of Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta. Her estimated net worth is $8 million

Meet Easy-E Children

Dominick Wright

Dominick is an American actor in the Hollywood film industry. He has appeared in several movies such as The Fairy Prince Loyal Betrayal, Good Fortune, and many more. Her mother is Tomica.

He was born on 6th September 1990 in California, USA. Dominick also has a short stint in the modelling industry.

Dominick has kept his relationship and family life very secret.


Henree Wright

She was born Henree Wright. Remarkably, Remarkable wrote her first song at age 8. She’s a musician with so many songs to her name.

Big Racks, Don’t stop, Vibe, Apeshit are all hit songs from the songstress. She currently has a son whose father is unknown.

Meet Easy-E Children
Henree and her son

Erica Wright

Erica Wright is the eldest daughter of Easy-E. The 33 years old was also born in Cropton California

Erica has lived her life largely outside of social media. Very little is known about her. We will join when trusted information is gotten.

Erica Wright

Marquise Wright

Yung Eazy, whose real name is Marquise Wright Eazy-E‘s son Marquise was born on February 14, 1990.  He also followed his father’s path and became a rapper too.

Yung Easy believes strongly that his father didn’t see of HIV but was rather murdered. There are rumours he wants to take the matter in and seek further clarification on the demise of his late father.

Meet Easy-E Children

Raven Wright

Raven is a digital creator. She is believed to be in her mid-twenties. Very little is known about her

Baby Eazy-E

The second son of Eric Wright. E3 was brought up in the music family and hence took yo music at a very tender age just like his other siblings.

Ruthless mind, lose control, I remember, murdered are all top songs by the rapper.

Meet Easy-E Children

David and Elijah Wright

These are the last two of the children of Easy children who have got no business on social media or whatsoever.

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