Ebanie Bridges, a famous boxer, had to call the police when she saw a drone outside the window of her top-floor apartment while she was getting ready.

Bridges has drawn attention for her skill in the ring since quitting bodybuilding to become a pro, as well as for her risqué weigh-ins when she poses in scanty underwear.

Ebanie Bridges drone video Twitter
Ebanie Bridges

The Blonde Bomber has a devoted following thanks to her antics, and she has previously admitted that she is a financial dominatrix who makes “thousands” by labeling guys “losers.”

As the Australian is getting ready to defend her IBF Bantamweight title, Bridges said that a fan who used a drone to film their idol went too far.

“I was staying in Brentwood, and I was staying in these apartments where everyone kind of knew where I was because I would promote it,” she told Ray Parlour and Alan Brazil on the Pub Talk podcast.

“It was a really, really hot day, I was getting ready to go out in London. I’m doing my makeup, no clothes on, naked, because I’m at the top [floor].

“I looked up and I saw there was a drone right at my window, and it was just there hovering. I was like, ‘what the f***?’ and I’m covering myself like, ‘is that a drone?”

Ebanie recalled how the unmanned aircraft abruptly vanished above the roof of her building before making a spooky return announcement with its buzzing rotor blades.

“It came back and in my bedroom the windows were open so I could hear the buzzing. So then I got my phone and started filming it, because I actually made a police report; I was like, this has no business here, there’s nothing to film except a naked Ebanie Bridges,” she continued.

Ebanie admitted that the event had made her feel so uneasy that she had even freaked out during the night when she heard a buzzing sound again. The seasoned fighter quickly calmed down, though, after realizing it was merely a fly.

Ebanie Bridges drone video Twitter

Ebanie Bridges drone video.

Ebanie Bridges drone video Twitter.


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