Eddie Rosario is a left fielder baseball professional from Puerto Rico who’s known in the Major League Baseball and plays for Atlanta Braves. He initially played for Minnesota Twins and the Cleveland Indians before joining Atlanta Braves.

He was born to Eddie Sr and Maria Rosario who are both Puerto Ricans. He’s also married to Milany Rosario and currently has three children namely Lucas, Raydieliz, and Mileiddy Rosario. He has represented his home country and was worn silver medals twice.

In the year 2015, Eddie Rosario bagged the American League triples leader and also bagged National League Championship Series Most Valuable Player 2021.

How much is Eddie Rosario’s net worth?

Eddie Rosario Contract

Eddie Rosario’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million with an average annual salary of $8 million

Eddie Rosario contract

The multiple award-winning baseball players inked a year deal with Cleveland Indians an annual average salary of $8,000,000 however he penned down a contract with Atlanta Braves at an undisclosed fee.

Eddie Rosario trade

He was traded to Atlanta Braves from Cleveland Indians and the deal has a requisition of an infielder, Pablo Sandoval to also join Cleveland Indians hence leading to Eddie Rosario joining Atlanta Braves.

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How much does Eddie Rosario earn as salary?

Eddie Rosario earns an average salary of $8 million

How old is Eddie Rosario?

The Puerto Rican professional baseball player was born on September 28th, 1991 and at the time of this publication he is aged 30 years

What nationality is Eddie Rosario?

Eddie Rosario was born to Puerto Rican parents Eddie Sr and Maria Rosario hence he’s a Puerto Rican.

Eddie Rosario wife

Eddie Rosario Contract

Eddie Rosario is married to Milany Rosario and they’re blessed with three children and they’re Mileiddy, Raydieliz, and Lucas Rosario

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