Efia Odo question why NDC are permitted to demonstrate and Fix the Country campaigners can’t do same

Another dramatic day await us as the largest opposition party NDC has announced their decision to hit the street following the recent violent happenings in the country.

Earlier reports has it that the Police service are not against the opposition party’s decision to stage a demonstration but they won’t be ready to provide them any security.

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However new developments coming indicates the police has agreed to provide security protection to the campaigners who are set to hit the street on July 6th.

Before this announcement, there has been a court case which is still pending when some youths advocating for the Ongoing Fix The Country protest seek permission to stage a demonstration.

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Now it is very clear they cannot voice out their displeasure through street demonstrations but the opposition party can do exactly what they (Fix The Country activists) were denied a chance to do.

Efia Odo who is clearly not happy with it brand the permission given to the NDC as “Crazy“ before questioning what exactly is the difference between their intention and that of the NDC.

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“That’s crazy… and “fix the country” campaigners can’t demonstrate??? I’m not understanding. What’s the difference? I guess different hashtags” she wrote

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