The cause of the death of actress Elizabeth Taylor is not known. However, her public image did not fade away when she grew older. In fact, she was in the public eye from the time she was eleven years old.

Elizabeth Taylor Cause of Death

Full Name Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
Nationality American and British
Occupation Actor, Philanthropist, Activists, Writer, Stage Actor, Film Actor, Film producer
Cause of Death Congestive heart failure 
Elizabeth Taylor Cause of Death

Despite the public’s disdain for the aging star, she kept appearing on the big screen until she made her last hit movie. Her death is considered an untimely tragedy.

Her cause of heart failure is not yet clear, but doctors believe she died of natural causes.

During her life, Elizabeth was plagued by various health problems. In 2004, she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and underwent cardiac surgery to replace a leaky valve.

In February 2011, she was hospitalized for treatment of a stroke and pneumonia. Then, she was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Her death came on March 23, 2011, surrounded by her four children. Her life was marked by illness, but her legacy remains bright.

Her death came as a shock to the public, as she was a famous and respected actress. She was renowned for her eccentricity and often seemed ill-prepared for interviews.

Despite her deteriorating health, she was still able to make her most iconic movies, including her debut in National Velvet.

Later, she appeared in films such as Little Women (1949) and Father of the Bride (1950), Giant (also 1956), and Viva La Vida, for which she received three Academy Award nominations.

With Cleopatra (1963), Taylor became legendary.

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