Emily Rudd biography: Intriguing facts about the actress to play Nami in Netflix series

Who is One Piece’s Emily Rudd, the actress to play Nami in Netflix series?

Emily Rudd is an actress from Saint Paul, Minnesota, who was born in the United States.

Emily Rudd
Emily Rudd

Does Emily Rudd have a Wikipedia page?

Emily Rudd does not have an official Wikipedia page. The editors of Wikipedia have not discovered her yet. However, there are a few information about her on other sites.

Emily Rudd Pronouns

What are Emily Rudd’s pronouns? Emily Rudd once shared that she can’t put to words what her pronouns are.

How old is Emily Rudd?

Emily Rudd is 28 years old.

Who are Emily Rudd’s parents?

Emily Rudd’s parents are not known by the general public. Many people tend to think that Emily is related to Ant-Man actor, Paul Rudd, however, the two of them are not related in any way.

What is Emily Rudd’s Nationality?

She is American.

Who is Emily Rudd’s boyfriend?

There no information about who the boyfriend of Emily Rudd is currently.

Which school did Emily Rudd attended?

As at the time of this article, There’s no credible information about Emily Rudd’s educational background.

What is Emily Rudd’s Instagram handle?

Emily Rudd is on Instagram as @emilysteaparty. She has 1.1 million followers on Instagram. She often updates her page with snippets of her movies and other things about her life; as well as random.

When does Emily Rudd celebrate her birthday?

Emily Rudd celebrates her birthday every 24th February. She was born on 24th February 1993.

What is Emily Rudd’s popular GIF?

Emily Rudd has quite a few GIF animations. See GIF below:

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