Emam McKeon is an Australian competitive swimmer. She is Australia’s most decorated swimmer. She is also one of the world’s most decorated athletes.

Emma McKeon Husband

Emma Mckeon is not married. She does not have a husband.

Emma McKeon Boyfriend

Emma McKeon’s boyfriend is Cody Simpson.
Cody is a swimmer and singer. He is part of the Australian Swim Team.

Emma McKeon Kids/Children

Emma doesn’t have any kids or children yet.

Emma McKeon Parents

Susie McKeon and Ron McKeon are the parents of Emma Mckeon. Emma is the only daughter of the couple.
Both of Emma’s parents are former swimmers. They competed in the Commonwealth games.

Emma McKeon Siblings

Emma has two siblings; a brother and a sister. Emma’s brother is called David McKeon. Her sister is also called Kaitlin McKeon.
David is also a swimmer.