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Emotional moment Wife burst into tears like a kid after Husband Confess to cheating on her with 345 women

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A gentleman has confessed to engaging in a sexual affair with 345 women despite being a married man.

As good as it may sound to the cheaters brotherhood out there it is something he shouldn’t be proud of as a married man and he took his time to explain how he was able to do that.

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In a crunch interview, the gentleman insists he wasn’t sure if he was looking for something else in his cheating act but it was an easy one that he did for pleasure.

“At the time it was easy to do, go get pleasure that way and l don’t know if l was looking for something else in it or trying to receive something else through it but l did do it” he said

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The sad part of the interview all is that his wife was right beside him and desperate to know the number of women his husband slept with thinking it was only 8.

The wife became emotional and walk out with tears after the host told her the number of women her man slept with is more than 50.

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