End time is here: See what Pastor Lucy did that got people talking

Reverend Lucy Natasha is the founder and overseer of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International. She is extremely rich and does not shy from living large. She has many terms aside from being known as Rev Lucy Natasha, people also call her Oracle of God, slay queen pastor.

Rumors has it that the lady preacher devises schemes to attracts men to her Natasha’s Church. Some few months ago, Reverend Lucy Natasha’s church situated in Nairobi Central Business District was on the spot after the church leader was captured on camera exposing her voluptuous curves to congregants in a see through attire.

The gorgeous light-skinned lady, who serves as the founder and leader at Natasha’s church wore light clothes that paraded her curves, leaving male congregants with wild thoughts.
The photo was seen everywhere on the internet and resulted in a lot of reactions online, with the majority of Netizens either condemning or praising her.

The lifestyle of the preacher woman is however, engulfed in controversies. She is frequently in the spotlight thanks to her lifestyle and the controversies around her identity. Frequently discussed about are her dress code and luxurious lifestyle.

She displays Porsche card and guardians surrounding her. These guys are believed to look more like male strippers and she calls them as stewards or ushers.

The Church has been slated many times by people because of the activities of the pastor and the members of the church.

The pastor is famous on social media and she is an enthusiast who always publish the images of her everyday church programmes as well as her daily costumes. She posted some of her pictures online some hours ago but these pictures got people furious because of her mode of outfitting.

Folks are explaining that she’s actually an end time pastor, they also believed that a pastor should lead by example and should never dressed indecently because of the people watching her at home.

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