Prime Minister Kaja Kallas is preparing to begin power-sharing discussions with two minor center-right parties after ousting her coalition partner.

After kicking out her erstwhile allies from the cabinet on Friday, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas was hunting for new coalition partners.
She split with the Center Party, a center-left party, because it allied with the far-right opposition EKRE to prevent government reform of elementary education.

Kallas’ Reform Party opposed the Center Party’s call for increased child and family benefits.

“Estonia needs a functioning government based on common values now more than ever. The security situation in Europe does not give me, as prime minister, the possibility of continuing cooperation with the Centre Party,” Kallas said.

Estonian government collapses 2022

What is the deadline for power-sharing talks?

The disagreement resulted in the removal of nearly half of Kallas’ cabinet, including Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets. Until a new government coalition is established, the other Cabinet members would take up their jobs.
Kallas intends to hold power-sharing discussions with the SDE Social Democrats and the center-right Christian Democrat Isamaa party.
The alliance would have a slim majority in parliament if they agreed to join the government.

She stated that the new government must be in place before Kallas’ Monday meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Why Estonia is important 

To the east, Russia borders the Baltic state, which was a Soviet republic for more than 40 years before gaining freedom in 1991. It is now a part of both the European Union and NATO, the Western military alliance.

The government’s demise occurred on the 100th day since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Some NATO nations in the east are concerned that they will be the next targets of Russian aggression. Last month, Prime Minister Kallas told DW that “our neighbor’s problems today are our problems tomorrow. If we don’t help out neighbors when their house is on fire, the fire will also catch your house.”

Is Estonia in NATO?

Yes! Estonia is part of NATO.

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