“Every church member would have succeeded if every prophecy came to pass” – Badu Kobi fires back

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The Founder and General overseer of Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Badu Kobi has finally spoken after the latest criticisms following his failed football prophecies.

The popular Prophet before the finals of both Copa America and the European Championship prophesied victories for Brazil and England against Argentina and Italy respectively.

Unfortunately both prophecies failed to pass with Argentina and Italy registering a win to clinch the titles.

Yesterday, Sunday 18th was the first church service since his failed predictions and addressing his congregants, Badu fired back at critiques that the is no single prophet without a failed prophecy.

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According to him, all predictions he made in the past has come to pass except the recent one.

“There is no football prophecy I have said which has never come to pass except these two. There is no prophet without a failed prophecy, are you God? They should show me one.

He backed his claims with a strong point that every church member would have succeeded if all prophecies do come true.

“If every prophecy has come to pass then every church member would have succeeded.” He concluded

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