Everything you need to know about Jackie Gleason

John Herbert Gleason was an American actor, comedian, writer, composer, and conductor known affectionately as “The Great One.”

Early Life, Family, & Education

He was born in February 26, 1916. Not much information about his early life and educational background is available. Any update will be disseminated exclusively.

His mother, Mae, nicknamed him Jackie and raised him alone after his father, Herbert, left the family in 1925.

His older brother Clement, always frail and sickly, died when Jackie was only three.

Gleason was 19 when his mother died in 1935 of sepsis from a large neck carbuncle that young Jackie had tried to lance.

There was no where to go as an orphan. By then, he had only thirty-six cents to his name. Gleason was headstrong and insisted that he was going into the heart of the city when the family of his first girlfriend, Julie Dennehy, offered to take him in.

Marriage, Kids & Divorce

Gleason met dancer Genevieve Halford when they were working in Vaudeville, and they started to date. The relationship continued till got married in September 20, 1936.

Gleason met dancer Genevieve Halford when they were working in Vaudeville, and they started to date.
Gleason met dancer Genevieve Halford when they were working in Vaudeville, and they started to date.

The couple separated after a little misunderstanding in 1941 and reconciled in 1948. They had two daughters, Geraldine, born in 1940 and Linda who was also born in 1942.

Gleason and his wife informally separated again in 1951.

In 1968, Gleason met his second wife, Beverly McKittrick, at a country club, where she worked as a secretary.

Gleason and McKittrick married in a registry ceremony in Ashford, England, ten(10) days after his divorce from Halford was final.

Later in September 1974, Gleason filed for divorce from McKittrick (who contested, asking for a reconciliation).

After the divorce was granted on November 19, 1975, Gleason married Marilyn Taylor in December 16, 1975; the marriage lasted until his death in 1987.


Gleason has featured in several movies and television series. Among them include;

  • Your Sports Special
  • The Lamb’s Gambol
  • On The Two A Day
  • The life of Riley
  • The Arrow Show
  • Tex and Jinx (1949)
  • Showtime USA (1950) as Himself
  • Cavalcade of Stars
  • Ford Star Revue
  • The Frank Sinatra Show
  • Cavalcade of Bands
  • Stage Entrance
  • Musical Comedy Time: No! No! Nanette!
  • Ford Festival
  • The James Melton Show
  • This Is Show Business
  • Ford Star Revue
  • The Colgate Comedy Hour

When Did He Die?

Jackie passed away on June 24, 1987 from colon cancer at his home in Inverrary.

Gleason regularly smoked six packs of cigarettes a day, but he never smoked on The Honeymooners.

His Memorial Mass was celebrated by the auxiliary Bishop of Miami, His Excellency Bishop Norbert Dorsey who said, “Throughout his professional life (Jackie) kept the heart of a child. A whimsicalness that cheered up a sad and tired world.”

He was buried at St. Mary’s Cemetery in a lavish above-ground mausoleum that suits “The Great One.”

How Much Is Jackie Gleason Worth?

Jackie Gleason was estimated to be a net worth of $10 million dollars.

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