Ex-Convict shares Terrifying experience of how Ghanaian Prisoner officers Tortured inmate till he had Stroke

Prisons are meant to reform people no matter the magnitude the crime they commit.

However, for years people have shared horrifying experiences with prisons especially in developing countries.

While laws permit people to be tamed, same law even while in detention gives them right to basic stuff like they not being abused or tortured.

But the case is usually different in Ghana’s prisons at least per the narrative of some ex convicts.

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There stories about how prison officers sit on donations made by individuals to prisoners and use those stuff or even sell them.

Other stories also detail how some prison officers do sell drugs in the prison yard among other criminal stuff.

A Ghanaian ex convict has shared a terrifying story of how his friend was abused and tortured in prison till he had stroke by prion officers who ideally should be protecting inmates.

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Alexander Wiredu in a chat with Captain Smart on Onua Tv said Prison officers usually target people when they are brought to prison.

If you are somehow well built, they will put you under their radar of constant abuse to instill fears in other inmates. The least thing you do, they will beat you up in their numbers.

He said one friend in the prison yard was beaten and shocked with electric taser till he developed stroke and could not speak again or walk.

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In his own experience, Alexander said he was injected with a substance against his wish in prison.

He revealed if you rebel against the prison officers illegality, they will pounce on you in their numbers and beat you to pulp.

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