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Fatima takes over twitter trend in Ghana few minutes after getting a date.

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-Fatima has finally found love on date rush after several weeks of attempts.

-She got into the final stage with Khadija and was lucky to be chosen by Bismarck.

Tonight’s episode of date rush is full of excitement as the ‘girls dem boss’, Fatima finally gets a nice gentleman as her date.

Fatima has appeared on the show severally but anytime she gets to the final stage, her rush gets off.

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Today is the 9th episode of the season 5 on date rush and it’s going to be one of the hottest episodes.

With no doubts, Fatima seems to be the most loved contestant on the show by the viewers.

Few minutes after her rush was left on by Bismarck as her date, Fatima has taken over twitter trends in Ghana and other social media platforms.

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Her fans and viewers of the show are much excited about her new date.

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