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Floyd Mayweather Fight List: Updated (2021)

This article answers the questions: How many fights did Floyd Mayweather have? Did he every lose any of his fights? Lets check out Floyd Mayweather fight list since the starting of his career!

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is a former professional boxer and promoter in the United States. He fought from 1996 to 2015, with a one-fight comeback in 2017 with his fight with Connor Mcgregor. Having been a professional boxer for more than a decade, Floyd has fought and Won almost every match he has ever fought in the entirety of his career.

Holding a record of never losing any of his boxing matches, Mayweather is considered by many to be the one greatest boxer to ever live.

Over 20 years, floyd has fought opponents from different countries (even continents). Here is our updated list consisting of every fighter Floyd has fought in the past before his retirement.

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List of floyd Mayweather Fights List

Floyd Mayweather Fights List: Updated (2021)
NOName of OpponentCountryType of Win
1Conor McGregorRepublic of IrelandTKO
2Andre BertoUnited StatesUD
3Manny PacquiaoPhilippinesUD
4Marcos MaidanaArgentinaUD
5Marcos MaidanaArgentinaMD
6Canelo Álvarez Mexico MD
7Robert Guerrero United States UD
8Miguel CottoPuerto RicoUD
9Victor Ortiz United States KO
10Shane Mosley United States UD
11Juan Manuel Márquez Mexico UD
12Ricky HattonUnited KingdomTKO
13Oscar De La Hoya United States SD
14Carlos BaldomirArgentinaUD
15Zab JudahUnited StatesUD
16Sharmba Mitchell United StatesTKO
17Arturo GattiCanadaRTD
18Henry BruselesPuerto RicoTKO
19DeMarcus Corley United States UD
20Phillip N’douSouth AfricaTKO
21Victoriano SosaDominican RepublicUD
22José Luis Castillo Mexico UD
23José Luis Castillo Mexico UD
24Jesús Chávez Mexico RTD
25Carlos Hernández United States UD
26Diego Corrales United States TKO
27Emanuel Augustus United States KO
28Gregorio Vargas Mexico UD
29Carlos GerenaPuerto RicoRTD
30Justin JuukoUgandaKO
31Carlos RiosArgentinaUD
32Angel Manfredy United StatesTKO
33Genaro Hernández United States RTD
34Tony PepCanadaUD
35Gustavo CuelloArgentinaUD
36Miguel MeloDominican RepublicTKO
37Sam Girard United States KO
38Hector ArroyoPuerto RicoTKO
39Angelo Nuñez United States TKO
40Felipe Garcia MexicoKO
41Louie Leija United States TKO
42Jesus Roberto ChavezMexicoTKO
43Larry O’ShieldsUnited StatesUD
44Tony DuranUnited StatesTKO
45Bobby GiepertUnited StatesTKO
46Kino RodriguezUnited StatesTKO
47Edgar AyalaUnited StatesTKO
48Jerry CooperUnited StatesTKO
49Reggie SandersUnited StatesUD
50Roberto ApodacaMexicoTKO
Lis of all the fights Floyd Maywether was won during his boxing career

TKO – Technical Knockout

UD – Unanimous Decision

KO – KnockOut

From super featherweight to light middleweight, he won fifteen major world titles, including the Ring magazine title in five weight classes, the lineal championship in four weight classes (twice at welterweight), and an unbeaten record.

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