Alicia Machado, who?

Her mother immigrated from Cuba before the Cuban Revolution, while Yoseph Alicia was from Spain and the owner of a toy store. Alicia developed a love for acting at a young age and started looking for ways to perform before she was fully aware of it. She enrolled in college after graduating from high school but only attended for a year and a half before leaving to pursue a career as a model.

She won the Miss Maracay pageant in 1995, which required her to compete in the Miss Venezuela pageant the following year as a representative of the Yaracuy state she had just won. This made her eligible to compete in the Miss Universe pageant, which was held in Las Vegas the year after.

It would be the second time that two Venezuelans would win the two world crowns when she won the Miss Universe pageant and Jacqueline Aguilera won Miss World at the same time. This time around, Donald Trump—who is now the US president—owned the Miss Universe competition.

Weight Concern

Machado underwent a rigorous weight-loss regimen in preparation for Miss Universe; at the time of her coronation, she weighed 116 kg and was diagnosed with bulimia and anorexia. She gained almost 12 pounds back during her reign, and the media took notice of the significant weight gain.

Due to her abrupt physical shift, many began to wonder if she would be changed, but the Miss Universe Organization instead put pressure on her to lose weight. She asked Trump for assistance, and he arranged for 80 reporters to observe her sweating in a gym, a move that she took really badly.

Career in acting and modeling.

In the telenovela “Samantha,” starring Alejandro Martinez and Nohely Arteaga as the title character and one of the antagonists, respectively, in 1998, Alicia landed her first acting role.

She later obtained a position as a helper in the popular cleaning soap opera “Secreto De Amor” before returning to business employment and selling diet products. In 2005, she had a peek inside the Spanish version of the Swedish reality competition show “The Farm,” “La Granja de los famosos,” which is modeled after its Spanish counterpart. She developed into a member of “Cantando Por Un Sueno” in 2006, a singing competition on television that pairs famous singers with out-of-the-ordinary contestants in an effort to win rewards.

She became the only Miss Universe to act, posing nastily for the Mexican edition of “Playboy” magazine that same year. After that, she enjoyed playing a girl who fell in love with her brother’s foe in the comedy cleaning soap opera “Una Familia con Suerte.” He or she later posed naked as an additional for “Playboy” when the show began broadcasting in 2011.

Latest Projects

As one of the 10 candidates in the Spanish version of “Dancing with the Stars,” Alicia competed in the third season of “Mira Quien Balia” in 2012, placing third overall.

The next year, she played the lead in the television drama “La Madame,” and in 2014, she participated in Nuestra Belleza Latina 2014 as a mentor for the contestants, teaching them how to break into the modeling and television industries. One of her most recent projects was a nude photo shoot for the PETA advertising campaign “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.”

Political Participation

Machado has spent a significant portion of her career speaking out about politics. When she backed Henrique Salas Romer’s presidential campaign in 1998, it was one of her first overt political statements.

She denounced Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, in an interview with “Playboy” in 2010. Five years later, during Trump’s presidential campaign, she developed into one of the critics of the then-candidate, claiming that she had experienced racism and energy abuse and that Trump frequently called her names, including “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping” because of her Venezuelan heritage.

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She frequently referred to Trump as a “Nazi rat” and compared him to Adolf Hitler, saying that the presidential contender was capable of launching a brand-new Holocaust. On the most recent episode of “Fox & Friends,” Hillary Clinton seized on her experience and applied it to Trump, forcing him to respondf launching a brand-new Holocaust.

On the most recent episode of “Fox & Friends,” Hillary Clinton seized on her experience and applied it to Trump, forcing him to respond. He then sent out a good number of tweets in which he called Machado repulsive, wrongly claimed that she had an intercourse tape, and claimed that Clinton had used her strength to assist Machado in becoming an American citizen. Quite a few journalists and media sharply attacked the recommendations, claiming that Trump reeked of bigotry and misogyny in every form.

Private Life

Regarding her private life, it is known that Alicia once dated professional baseball player Bobby Abreu. The couple got engaged and later broke up. She has a daughter whose father is unknown, and after learning she had breast cancer, she underwent a double mastectomy. Early in her career, she attracted a lot of media attention in Venezuela after she was accused of driving her then-getaway boyfriend’s car and of threatening to kill someone while her partner was being prosecuted for murder. She refuted all charges and was not charged in any way.

She deleted her Twitter account in 2010 after accidentally calling North and South Korea China, which led to online trolls mocking her; however, she eventually opened a new account. In 2016, she became a citizen of the US.

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