Friend of Bonita and the real lady behind the circulation of the pictures shared her side of the story.

Bonita’s friend the person behind sharing those intimate pictures and also the real person in the picture has shared her side of the story. She mentioned that after she came back from clubbing her phone kept buzzing with phone calls from Bonita. Because she had accidentally shared a picture of herself and Davido because she was drunk and sober on social media.

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Bonita’s friend mentioned that she was contacted by her two friends because people on social media were attacking Bonita, thinking she was the woman in the picture with Davido. When she picked up the call, Bonita informed her about the situation and the backlash she was receiving from fans. However, she advised Bonita not to react because Davido is a famous man with a large fan base, and the damage had already been done. It must have been a challenging situation for Bonita to deal with.

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Bonita’s friend mentioned that they created a group with the three of them to handle the scandal. However, despite her constant disagreement, Bonita went ahead and posted a video of Davido. She explained that Bonita was pushed to share the video out of anger from the constant attacks they were receiving from netizens, she mentioned that she is not going to share information and details concerning the video.


So, based on the situation, another friend made a disrespectful comment, referring to Africans as “Cockroaches.” However, she apologized for her disrespectful remark. The lady mentioned that she didn’t have any ill intentions when she shared the picture because Davido is her friend and stylist, and she had no idea he had a wife. She claimed to have apologized to Davido, and they are on good terms now. She also mentioned that her friend Bonita kept attacking people who were attacking her, stating that she had received social media training, unlike Bonita.


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