Full increased salary of President Akuffo Addo to member of council of state, cabinet minister earns 72 billion for 5 years in Ghana

This is a circulating report by some Npp guys, the Salary is not 21,000 but 33,270 for a cabinet Minister which is equivalent to what they will be taking home as salary every month.

Now check the hidden allowances:

1.Accommodation 40% of 33,270
2.Entertaiment. 30% of 33,270
3.Clothing 30% of 33,270
4.Feeding allowance 40% of 33,270
5.Fuel. 35% of 33,270
6.Security. 20% of 33,270
7.Overtime. 35%of 33,270
8.Sanitation. 20%of 33,270
9.Emergencies. 45%of 33,270

  1. Xmas bonus 33,270 by 4mths

Total plus salary per month 120,270.00 excluding the 133,080 per year Xmas bonus.

So the back pay for the five years will increase to 7,2860,040 which will translate to 72billion.

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We, the people of Ghana, are calling our ‘leaders’ to #FixTheCountry to make it a better place for all but that is definitely not a priority for them.

Our Finance Minister is pushing forward $28 million loan agreement in Parliament for MPs to get cars while the President has just approved recommendations for the First and Second Spouses to receive same salary as Cabinet Ministers at 21,000 Ghana cedis to be prorated from 2017.

So who drives the V8s and salon cars that are always evading traffic? The traffic situation in Accra which will be the hub of a majority of these cars is nothing to write home about.

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How timely is it for government to approve such recommendations which allows for individuals who do not occupy public offices to receive such huge sums of money when a majority of Ghanaians struggle to feed themselves?

Yet our ‘leaders’ decided to prioritize the above over the needs of ordinary Ghanaians asking for just enough to have three square meals daily, to access potable water and reliable electricity supply, clean environment, decent housing and jobs, improved and quality healthcare, better road networks and reduced fuel prices and incessant imposition of all kinds of taxes on ordinary people who are struggling to make ends meet.

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Will our legislators from both sides be quick to shout in unison “yeah yeah” when the item for discussion only favors them or will they stand up to listen to our calls to #FixTheCountry? Will there be another equally important sitting to discuss the urgent demands of the ordinary Ghanaian for authorities to #FixTheCountry?

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