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Full list of the 42 Generals forced to go on early retirement by Doumbouya emerges: good move?

Everybody should be entitled to retirement under normal condition and in any civilized world, workers who have served for over thirty years or more deserve to retire at the mandatory age of sixty. It is this period the one gets the opportunity to take a rest from his labor and enjoy the benefits he or she is entitled to. Going on retirement is a privilege only few enjoy in this journey of life considering the eventualities that sometimes occurs.

Coup Leader Colonel Mamady has retired 42 Generals from active service to take a rest and handover their respective commands to other senior officers. If a general is not loyal to the constitution but rather to an individual, then forcing him to retirement is okay in the eyes of many Guineans. are also of the belief that they shouldn’t have waited to be asked to leave when their subordinate took over power, How could they had taken orders from him?

Then also even if it is out of his own respect to them, he would have felt uncomfortable having to superintend over his superiors. More so that their loyalty is in doubt then he has no option than to show them the way out. It’s a positive vibe as long as everything is about restoration of democracy and prosperity of his nation. 

The moves by the Coup Leader is to bring peace and stability for the people of Guinea conakry. In most cases military government always brought fear and anxiety in the society, mistrust within them always bring chaotic situations in the country.

Forced retirement is better than silent killing of those generals, it’s a culture of many coup makers. Let them retire to enjoy peace and democracy for better. The list of the senior military officers have been published and and it is expected they will receive their pension benefits as required by law. May God keep safe and guide the people of Guinea conakry

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