How Much Money Does FunnyMike Make?

If you’re curious to know how much money FunnyMike makes, read on. His main YouTube channel has over 2.5 million subscribers and he has made an estimated $2 million from his YouTube videos.

This is a high amount considering that he’s just 24 years old and has only been rapping for about a year. He has also released several mixtapes. You can see some of his videos below.

Funnymike net worth
Funnymike net worth 2022

His vlogs have helped him build a considerable amount of money. He has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

His YouTube videos are mostly vlogs and challenge videos, which have helped him gain a large number of subscribers. His relationship with actress Jaliyah Monet, who he dated in 2017, has increased his net value.

In addition to being a hit on YouTube, FunnyMike has been married twice, and has two children.

In addition to his YouTube videos, FunnyMike has a joint channel with his girlfriend Juliyah, which features pranks and comedy videos. After their breakup, the two did not upload any videos.

Instead, they teamed up with a group of six men and started a youtube channel called sidemen.

The two channels have a combined following of more than 1 million subscribers. His comedy sense is one of the most popular online. He is also good at signing, and has worked hard to improve his singing skills.

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